Elementary Subjects and Reading Tutor Rizalyn

Elementary Subjects and Reading Tutor Rizalyn from Manila, Philippines
Name Rizalyn P.
City Manila, Philippines
Teaching Elementary Subjects, Reading
Speaking English
Originally From Philippines
Working With Kids (10y+), Adults
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate
Lessons Take Place Online
Hourly Rate $25

My name is Rizalyn Paringit, I'm from Philippines and I have experienced in teaching for more than two years in Philippines. I love teaching because i want to help more improve the knowledge and skills of students especially when they are asking questions about the topic of their subjects. I want them to feel comfortable and motivated and having their positive potential mindset for their studies to achieve their goals and succeed.

Education / Certificates

I was been graduated bachelor of science in psychology and I am focusing in the field of social welfare which is handling on children development program. I always joining and volunteer for children's welfare.

Professional Experience

on my experienced for teaching and become a private tutor, I can say that if you love what you are doing it means a lot. Teaching for me is full of enjoyment and excitement especially if both having team work for doing projects, assignments and discussion. I've learned a lot and for different culture and traditions make me realize that whatever you are, who you are if you are really willing to share the knowledge and you want others learn also from you then it will be.

Teaching Approach

usually I'm using textbook lecture, videos and to demonstrate lesson by doing action so that student feel the best way to improve learning.


I'm actually available around 9pm to 12 midnight Philippine time Monday to Sunday. I'm flexible also in 1pm in the afternoon to 5pm Monday to Sunday.

Teaching Place(s)

via Skype

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