Physics, Geometry, Math and Quantum Mechanics Tutor Xiomara

Physics, Geometry, Math and Quantum Mechanics Tutor Xiomara from Guadalajara, Mexico
Name Xiomara E.
City Guadalajara, Mexico
Teaching Physics, Geometry, Math, Quantum Mechanics
Speaking English, Spanish
Originally From Mexico
Working With Youth, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Online
Hourly Rate $25

Spanish native speaker. Research in quantum mechanics, quantum communication, quantum computation, mathematics, as well as laboratory work in neuroscience (MRI and MEG) and failure analysis engineering in electronics manufacturing. Valid Mexican teaching credential. Additional experience in customer service.

Education / Certificates

PhD Student – Theoretical Neuroscience (Incomplete) University of York. Research focus on human memory by the analysis of functional connectivity in MRI images and MEG signals obtained from human brains using combinatorics and graph theory. M.Sc - Physics – Quantum Communication - 2007 University of York Bachelor of Science – Physics - 2003 Universidad de Guadalajara (GPA 3.84)

Professional Experience

More than one-year teaching/tutoring experience at both, the high school and undergraduate level physics.

Teaching Approach

Although I have taught by preparing lectures, it is much easier to solve questions the students might have. I am a fluent (native) Spanish speaker and I could solve questions without advanced knowledge of particular tenses.


I am currently available but I am applying to other places. I could teach Saturdays or Sundays if necessary if I get at least two free days during the week.

Teaching Place(s)

Via Zoom.

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