Mandarin Chinese Language Tutor Stella from Abbotsford

Mandarin Chinese Language Tutor Stella from Abbotsford, BC
Name Stella Y. Recommended
City Abbotsford, BC
Teaching Mandarin Chinese
Native Language Mandarin Chinese
Originally From China
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons Take Place Locally, Online
Review Rating
Hourly Rate C$45

I am a native Mandarin speaker with over 7 years of professional teaching experience. I specialize in helping students of all proficiencies achieve their learning goals, from beginners to advanced learners. I also have a deep knowledge of Chinese culture and literature which adds an extra dynamic to teaching Mandarin.

Education / Certificates

Bachelor degree in English


Professional Experience

7 years+ of professional Mandarin teaching experience at group and individual level with students of all ages.

Teaching Approach

I like to introduce practical concepts to my students that go beyond basic textbook techniques. I personalize my materials to suit the goals and objectives of each of my students. I also like to build my topics on the interests of each of my students. I believe the best way to learn a language is by linking it to an area of interest and learning about that topic.


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Adrian P.

Comfortable Tutor
1 year ago

Stella is such a great teacher and is able to adjust her lessons to optimize my learning. She has lesson plans and assigns homework to help my learning, and was also able to change to more conversational lessons when the vocabulary was becoming a little overwhelming. She is kind and friendly, and organizes her lessons with consideration. I highly recommend her.

Karenna C.

Amazing Tutor!
2 years ago

Stella has been such a great help to my Chinese learning! She has helped me continue learning basic Chinese vocabulary and grammar that builds off of my previous experience studying the language. She is patient and kind when we are practising conversation. The homework is interesting and she takes the time to work through my questions and mistakes with me to help me understand the language on a more accurate level. She has been flexible in scheduling meetings and changing the time if needed. I would recommend Stella to anyone looking for help with their studies or who is interested in learning the basics.

Wendy H.

2 years ago

As a second-generation Chinese Canadian, I have been working with Stella to improve my conversational Mandarin and learn basic reading and writing. Stella has a methodical, comprehensive approach to teaching the foundations of Mandarin, and I have found the order in which she covers topics to be very sensible. Her lessons and homework are thorough and engaging, with much relevance to daily life. Stella also keeps things interesting by at times mentioning how a character or word evolved from ancient Chinese, or providing the cultural context behind a phrase. Stella creates a very friendly, patient, and accommodating environment for learning, and I would recommend her to any student of Mandarin.

Christian K.

Immersive experience
3 years ago

Stella’s teaching style incorporating exposure to Chinese culture, as well as language instruction makes for an incredibly immersive experience. She takes time to explain sentence structure, syntax, and pronunciation. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn about China, in addition to the language.

Sarah F.

A kind and patient teacher
3 years ago

Having moved to Toronto from Hong Kong last year, my husband and I were keen to find a Chinese tutor for our 8 year old son since he already had a strong foundation in Mandarin. We are so thrilled to have found Stella! She works with our son in conversational Mandarin as well as learning traditional Chinese characters and reading. Every lesson she finds ways to engage him by connecting to topics that he is interested in and creating relevant and interesting homework tasks. She approaches every lesson with warmth and patience, creating an encouraging learning environment. Our son's Mandarin fluency has improved significantly which shows in his confidence when speaking and reading. Stella is a highly skilled and dedicated teacher; we would not hesitate to recommend her to any level of Chinese learner.

Colette L.

An excellent, dependable teacher
4 years ago

I have been studying with Stella for about a year. My goal is to learn the basics of the language with special emphasis on conversational Chinese. This a challenging endeavour to say the least and I have been very fortunate to find Stella as my tutor. She prepares her lessons thoroughly and is very accommodating if I have a particular interest such as traditional Chinese songs which she helps me understand and appreciate. She, as well, makes sure that I can progress at my own pace. For instance, she has spent a lot of time helping me learn the proper pronunciation and especially the correct tone for each word. She is also flexible if there is a need to reschedule my weekly meeting with her or to conduct a lesson on line. My husband and I travel extensivey and I am able to continue my lessons with her through the internet with WhatsApp, Skype and formely We Chat. As a former school Principal for many years I find her to be a very capable, affable and all round dedicated teacher who would be a real asset to any teaching staff.

Wim V.

A knowledgeable and dedicated teacher
4 years ago

I'm studying Chinese language and literature with Stella. My preference in language learning is to learn through literature, so my focus is on the vocabulary and grammar of textbook dialogues, stories from graded readers and classic Chinese poems. A secondary focus is on writing, translation and listening. Stella readily embraced my customized study plan and lost no time enhancing it by introducing relevant cultural materials. Stella prepares exceptionally well, is equally versed in syntax and poetry and is generous with cultural and social background information. Learners of Chinese, whatever their preferred approach, will find Stella a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher.

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