Language Arts Tutor Prarthana

Language Arts Tutor Prarthana from Mississauga, ON
Name Prarthana N.
City Mississauga, ON
Teaching Language Arts
Speaking English
Originally From Canada
Working With Kids (2y+), Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels I Teach Beginner
Lessons Take Place Online
Hourly Rate C$18

Native English speaker with a bachelors degree in English and completing my masters degree in English. Passionate about teaching everyone English, grammar, tones and dialogue

Education / Certificates

bachelors degree in English and pursuing a Masters degree in English

Professional Experience

tutored high school kids and children from China and India

Teaching Approach

I love visually teaching and using phonetics to really help with pronunciation


i am available Monday morning before 2pm EST, Thursday and Friday before 2pm EST and all of Tuesday and Wednesday

Teaching Place(s)

I am more than happy to teach on skype or zoom

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