Language Tutors in Hull

We have found 9 local tutors offering private language lessons in Hull.

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Philippe K.

French native speaker with graduate level background. Three years of tutoring teaching in french.

Hull, QC | French (n) | Rate C$25

Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Sasha T.

English and French native speaker with 1 year of tutoring experience

Hull, QC | French, English (n) | Rate C$25

Amy F.

Mandarin native speaker with a university degree in English, a graduate certificate in TESL and years of experience in teaching and tutoring.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | Mandarin Chinese (n), English | Rate C$25

Michel C.

Dutch native speaker, with fluency in English and Spanish, and near-fluency in French. Also ESL certified.

Hull, QC & Online | Dutch (n), English, Spanish | Rate C$30

Kids, Youth, Adults

Sobeida C.

Spanish native speaker with two university degrees.

Hull, QC | Spanish (n) | Rate C$30

Kids, Adults

Sylvain H.

French with a university degree in Architecture. Very good level in grammar, knowing the words and significations.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | French (n) | Rate C$35

Ndeye Gnagna N.

French native speaker and fluent english speaker with an MBA degree.

Gatineau, Aylmer, Hull, QC | French | Rate C$30

Mark M.

I am a public school teacher in Aylmer Quebec. I have worked for the WQSB for 14 years. I have taught all grades from 3 to 10, all subjects excluding French.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | English (n) | Rate C$35

Estefani­a E.

Spanish native speaker (Argentina). Five years of tutoring experience.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | Spanish (n) | Rate C$30

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