Language Tutors in Hull

We have found 11 local tutors offering private language lessons in Hull.

Philippe K.

French native speaker with graduate level background. Three years of tutoring teaching in french.

Hull, QC | French (n) | Rate C$25

Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Michel C.

Dutch native speaker, with fluency in English and Spanish, and near-fluency in French. Also ESL certified.

Hull, QC & Online | Dutch (n), English, Spanish | Rate C$30

Kids, Youth, Adults

Sobeida C.

Spanish native speaker with two university degrees.

Hull, QC | Spanish (n) | Rate C$30

Kids, Adults

Sylvain H.

French with a university degree in Architecture. Very good level in grammar, knowing the words and significations.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | French (n) | Rate C$35

Elodie G.

French canadian, but raised with a German-speaking mother. I am passioned by languages and teaching. I possess a general college degree (CEGEP) in Languages.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | French (n) | Rate C$25

Ndeye Gnagna N.

French native speaker and fluent english speaker with an MBA degree.

Gatineau, Aylmer, Hull, QC | French | Rate C$30

Mark M.

I am a public school teacher in Aylmer Quebec. I have worked for the WQSB for 14 years. I have taught all grades from 3 to 10, all subjects excluding French.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | English (n) | Rate C$35

Sasha T.

English and French native speaker with 1 year of tutoring experience

Hull, QC | French, English (n) | Rate C$25

Arthur W.

Native English speaker with over two years of tutoring as well as teaching abroad.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | English (n), French, German | Rate C$25

Estefani­a E.

Spanish native speaker (Argentina). Five years of tutoring experience.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | Spanish (n) | Rate C$30

Amy F.

Mandarin native speaker with a university degree in English, a graduate certificate in TESL and years of experience in teaching and tutoring.

Hull, Gatineau, QC | Mandarin Chinese (n), English | Rate C$25

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