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Tatsiana A. Recommended

Russian native speaker with a university degree, seven years of Russian tutoring experience and eight-year experience of teaching Modern Hebrew at universities (Belarusian State University & Language Study Centre at the University of Southampton, UK)

Ottawa, Gatineau, Aylmer & Online Russian (n), Hebrew
My Home/Office, Public Place
- 2 reviews

Alejandro B.

Having a hard time finding quality and affordable language lessons? I've had that happen too... Learn accent-free Spanish with a native latin speaker. I have 5 years of experience as a private, school and university instructor. Benefit from learning about the culture as you study the language to guarantee a more integrated and immersive learning experience. We will explore music, food and regionalisms according to your interests. Above all i would like to make this experience fun as you embark in the beautiful journey of learning a language.

Gatineau, QC & Online Spanish (n)
Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids (8y+), Youth, Adults, Groups

Kristina T.

Hi! My name's Kristina. I teach English as a second language.

Gatineau, QC & Online English
My Home/Office
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults, Groups

Hicham J.

Lebanese native well versed in the Arabic language.

Gatineau, QC & Online Arabic (n)
Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults

Rollin Z.

From Peru .. teaching Spanish On small groups, education: business administration

Gatineau, QC Spanish (n)
Adults, Groups

Francisco J. C.

Mexican Native speaker, with a university degree and many years on training, coaching and management.

Gatineau, QC & Online Spanish (n)
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Sylvain H.

French with a university degree in Architecture. Very good level in grammar, knowing the words and significations.

Hull, Gatineau, QC French (n)

Thomas K.

I'm fluent in French and English and I can speak in German where I got my education.

Gatineau, QC French (n)

Edwige B.

French native speaker with a master degree.

Nepean, Gatineau, ON French (n)

Marian V.

I am a Spanish citizen graduated in Pharmacy, with one year of tutor experience as Maths teacher and four years as sport teacher for children.

Gatineau, QC Spanish (n)

Ndeye Gnagna N.

French native speaker and fluent english speaker with an MBA degree.

Gatineau, Aylmer, Hull, QC French

Hong M.

I have over 20 years' of languages' teaching and tutoring experience for languages of Mandarin (for native English and French speaking), and English/French (for native Chinese)

Gatineau, QC & Online Mandarin Chinese (n)

Mark M.

I am a public school teacher in Aylmer Quebec. I have worked for the WQSB for 14 years. I have taught all grades from 3 to 10, all subjects excluding French.

Hull, Gatineau, QC English (n)

A. J.

German native speaker with a university degree in Electronics, has been tutor for foreign students at his university.

Gatineau, QC German (n)

Leandro M.

Spanish native speaker with university degree and ten years of teaching and tutoring experience

Gatineau, QC Spanish (n)

Rudaina S.

Arabic and Turkish native speaker with Bachelor Degree in Science (Major in Statistics & Minor in Computer Sciences). Language of study: English. With one year of Computer programs tutoring.

Gatineau, QC Arabic (n), Turkish

Estefani­a E.

Spanish native speaker (Argentina). Five years of tutoring experience.

Hull, Gatineau, QC Spanish (n)

Filip K.

Canadian-Slovak student currently studying in Europe, but spending my Summer here in Ottawa. I have a degree in German ( Deutsches Sprachdiplom Niveau B1 ). In addition to that I speak fluently Slovak and French.

Gatineau, QC German, Slovak

Michel W.

I have more than 10 years experience teaching and tutoring experience in both French and English. I am professional, reliable and energetic.

Gatineau, QC & Online French (n)
Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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