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Gilsang J.

A native Korean speaker with six years of Korean/ESL teaching experience in South Korea and in the US.

Manhattan, Bronx, NY & Online | Korean (n), English | Rate $40

Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Alex U.

I am Russian native speaker from Moscow - capital of Russia with a masters degree

Bronx, NY | Russian (n) | Rate $55

Abdoul S.

I had been in the teaching field for more than 5 years

Bronx, NY | French | Rate $25

Ibriga H.

French is my native language i was teaching when i was back home now i moved to the USA im in coll├Ęge now and ill graduade next year

Bronx, NY | French | Rate $25

Samboudiang F.

French native speaker with a bachelor degree of law

Bronx, NY | French (n) | Rate $35

Liliana C.

I am a native Spanish speaker. I studied French in college for more than 2 years. I had been a teacher assistant in an elementary school and high school for more than a year. During this period I learned how to work with kids and motivate them to learn.

Bronx, NY | French, Spanish (n) | Rate $25

Kenyie D.

I am a native speaker of Spanish. My major was Spanish with a minor in education and certified to teach Spanish 7-12. I am currently a student completing a master in early childhood education.

Bronx, NY | Spanish (n) | Rate $40

Layla O.

Arabic native speaker with one year tutoring and interpreting experience

Bronx, NY | Arabic (n) | Rate $30

Maryse M.

I am french with African background. Born and raise in France. College student with a 4 years experience in tutoring mostly children and young adult age 4-16

Bronx, NY | French (n) | Rate $30

Diana Z.

Spanish native speaker currently enrolled in Bs in general studies with an emphasis in Spanish and Business Admin. I am also taking additional spanish courses to get my teaching certificate

Bronx, NY | Portuguese, Spanish (n) | Rate $25

Fatoumata D.

French native speaker with university degree and 3 years experience of tutoring

Bronx, NY | French (n) | Rate $35

Rebecca S.

French native speaker, graduated from a French school in Manhattan.

Bronx, NY | French (n) | Rate $25

Rehana T.

French and Arabic Native. I was born and raised in France and lived there for 25 years. My parents are native of Morocco and speak Arabic. I speak, read and write fluently arabic and english.

Bronx, NY | French (n), Arabic | Rate $40

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