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Nana M.

Polish native speaker with the university degree and 10 years experience in teaching and tutoring. Always positive.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, NY & Online | Polish (n), Russian | Rate $30

Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Regina P.

I am a very interactive person and I feel the best way to learn is by incorporating emotional intelligence, respect, good manners and cultural knowledge with others. I believe that people are always learning and this is true for myself.

New York City, Queens, NY & Online | Portuguese (n) | Rate $55

Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Emily I.

Greek native speaker with Bachelor degree on Philosophy and Education and currently graduate student at Spec Ed. Moved to NYC a year ago for studies.

Queens, NY & Online | Greek (n) | Rate $45

Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Sara R.

Enthusiastic and devoted Foreign Language Teacher with excellent communication skills. Specialized in managing students and maximizing learning opportunities.

Queens, NY | Portuguese (n), Spanish | Rate $35

Tamara P.

Russian native speaker with a BA in teaching. 18 years of experience in elementary teaching in Russia. Also fluent in Greek and English.

Queens, NY | Russian (n) | Rate $45

Rachid A.

Arabic native speaker , i have high school diploma branch physics and some college and i am nurse assistance and i speak french fluently.

Queens, NY | Arabic (n) | Rate $20

Rachid A.

Arabic native speaker with french fluently

Queens, NY | Arabic (n) | Rate $25

Eleni T.

A little about me: I was born in Greece and moved to London, England when I was 9 years old, where I grew up and was educated. I have taught English as as second language for 20 years and Greek as a second language for 10 years.My philosophy is “Those that know do, those that understand teach”( Aristotle)

Queens, NY | English, Greek (n) | Rate $45

Dennis G.

NYS certified Italian Teacher

Queens, NY | Italian | Rate $35

Paula S.

I am a native Portuguese speaker with a bachelor degree in Portuguese

Queens, NY | Portuguese (n) | Rate $40

Marcin N.

Polish native speaker with 2 years of high school in Poland and College degree in the US, currently in Graduate School.

Queens, NY | Polish (n), English | Rate $20

Thiago C.

Brazilian Portuguese native speaker who recently received a M.A. and have a B.A. in Journalism and a specialization in Communication, Arts, and Technology. Very good public speaker and experience in talks and lectures.

Queens, NY | Portuguese (n) | Rate $30

Martin S.

Canto/ Mando native speaker who have teaching experience. I am also very fluent in English.

Queens, NY | Cantonese (n), Mandarin Chinese | Rate $40

Brittany H.

English native speaker with a master's degree in Teaching/Education & a bachelor's degree in French Studies. Currently teaching high school French & ESL for NYC DOE. Also fluent in Spanish. Very basic Arabic.

Queens, NY | French, Spanish | Rate $50

Linda M.

Spanish native speaker with an Associate Degree

Queens, NY | Spanish (n) | Rate $15

Basim A.

Arabic native speaker with a university degree and one year of tutoring experience.

Queens, NY | Arabic (n) | Rate $35

Gulbanu D.

English native speaker with 5-7 years of tutoring experience.

Queens, NY | Turkish, French | Rate $35

Alida T.

Spanish native speaker, fluent in English and French as well with a Bachelor of Arts in French. One year of experience. Has been the president of the French Club at Queens College and accepted to the French Honor Society.

Queens, NY | French, Spanish (n) | Rate $45

Samuel K.

Korean native speaker with b.s. degree from undergraduate school and 4+ years of tutoring experience.

Queens, NY | English, Korean (n) | Rate $40

Janet G.

I am Bilingual in English and Spanish Languages.

Queens, NY | Spanish | Rate $30

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