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We have found 5 local and online tutors offering private Latin lessons.


Marco S.

+ More than 20 years' experience in Language Training: German, English and French (French PFL2 for adults and preparation for the three exams, that is, comprehension, grammar and oral) with a very Empathetic Cultural Communicative Approach ("learning by understanding" and "crawl-out-of-your-comfort-zone" approach) + 10 years' experience in Group Management + Attention to detail and result is a well-done job

Online German (n), French, Latin AT
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults, Groups
Ottawa, ON

Sean G.

Native English speaker with a great deal of one-on-one tutoring experience; also specializing in accent reduction. I am also able to help with writing skills.

Online English (n), Latin, Greek CA
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults
Toronto, ON

Peter R.

PHD in Greek History and archaeology, Taught Latin for over 30 years at high school, college and university.

Online Latin CA
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults
Surrey, BC

Vivi G.

Greek native speaker with: -bachelor's degree in linguistics (studied in University of Athens, Greece) -certification in teaching greek language as a Second/Foreign language -experience in teaching greek language (ages 7 - 18)

Athens, Chaïdári, Greece & Online Greek (n), Latin GR
My Home/Office, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups

Kostyantyn F.

I am a Russian native speaker from Ukraine living in Montreal, Canada. besides teaching my first language I have great experience in teaching English and Arabic, I have also very strong skills in reading Latin and Ancient Greek, which I desire to teach as well.

Online Russian (n), Arabic, English, Latin UA
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Youth, Adults, Groups
Montréal, QC

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