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Ylenia R.Recommended

i'm italian native with 5 years specializing in classical studies and literatures.

Victoria, BC | Italian (n), Latin, Greek | Rate C$40

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Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Timothy M.

PhD Candidate at the Centre for Medieval Studies, the University of Toronto. Four years' experience tutoring Latin at the MA and PhD levels at the University. 1 year's class-room experience and three years' one-on-one tutoring experience in the Yiddish language.

Toronto, ON & Online | Latin, Yiddish, Irish | Rate C$45

My Home/Office, Learner's Home, Public Place
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Vivi G.

Greek native speaker with: -bachelor's degree in linguistics (studied in University of Athens, Greece) -certification in teaching greek language as a Second/Foreign language -experience in teaching greek language (ages 7 - 18)

Athens, Chaïdári, Greece & Online | Greek (n), Latin | Rate €30

My Home/Office, Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
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Kevin P.

I am an Native English speaker who also grew up speaking French. I became interested in languages in my 20's. I have earned both a BA and MA in Greek, Latin and Medieval Philosophy.

Moncton, NB & Online | Latin, Greek, French | Rate C$45

David B.

English native speaker with a BA in Ancient Greek, 4+ years of college Latin, 12+ years fluent Spanish (I lived in Chile for 15 months in 2007/08).

Seattle, WA | Spanish, Latin | Rate $30

Michelangelo M.

I am a Latin tutor, with a degree in Classical Languages.

Los Angeles, CA | Latin | Rate $45

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