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Krisztina C.

I have extensive experience in teaching English as a foreign language both online and in person, including the opportunity to teach all age groups for various business and personal purposes. My work has entailed exam preparation, improving communicative, grammar, writing, listening skills as well as teaching business courses. Customizing the courses for students’ needs, being a flexible and supportive tutor make my students relaxed and confident during the learning process. I launched, ran and taught in a language school for several years. My motto is: improve your English effectively in a fun way!

Online English (n) HU
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Kids (6y+), Youth, Adults
San Diego, CA

Tania B.

Hello everybody, Do you want to become proficient or more proficient in French? Learn or brush up on French the fast and easy way with a native French speaker? I am here to help you! My name is Tania I am 34 years old, and I am a native French speaker. I am half Swiss and half Greek. I speak Greek and French fluently. I was born and raised in Switzerland. French is my native language. I love the idea of being able to help and teach students about this beautiful and complex language. I actually got most of my experience ...

San Diego, CA French (n)
My Home/Office, Public Place

Doree K.

Hello! I am an experienced TEFL teacher/tutor in English reading, writing, listening and speaking including accent reduction. Thank you, Doree Kaplan

San Diego, CA & Online English (n) US
My Home/Office, Learner's Home or Work, Public Place
Intermediate, Advanced
Kids (12y+), Youth, Adults, Groups

Alejandro P.

My name is Alejandro Pallares, I am from Canada, but I am currently living in San Diego California. I have been an online teacher for about 2 years, and I have also taught in an Elementary school for 4 years.

Online English (n) CA
Beginners, Intermediate
Kids (4y+), Youth, Adults
San Diego, CA

Seunghyun L.

Native Korean speaker having none accent in Korean and many years of teaching experiences in English with IDELT certification. I would like to bring my euthusiasm in a class!!

San Diego, CA English, Korean (n)

Jiaqi G.

Chinese native speaker, with a university degree in German studies, and 5 years of tutoring languages, mathematics and physics

San Diego, CA Mandarin Chinese (n), German

Araceli B.

Spanish native speaker with 7 years of experience in tutoring

Online Spanish (n)

San Diego, CA

Mari G.

Japanese native speaker with B.A degree in university. 2 years of experience of tutoring with college students.

San Diego, CA Japanese (n)

Mary Jane B.

Passion for culture and its diversity. Passion for Arts and Music. Professional Photographer

San Diego, CA Italian

Christine B.

I am a native French speaker, born and raised in the French Alps before spending 10 years in Paris. I have been living in San Diego since 2000. I have been tutoring French students for several years from elementary to university levels, and taught French to my own kids while doing French home school for 10 years. I taught French at the UCSD Linguistic Department for several years and this summer I created and developed the French curriculum for the UCSD Trio Outreach Program, a summer program for high school students. I am also a substitute in a private school in La Jolla.

San Diego, CA French (n)

Holger B.

Native german with experience in transcribing, translating, interpreting and occasional tutoring in german.

San Diego, CA German (n)

Carlo R.

Italian native speaker born in Italy and trasferred in San Diego at the begginning of 2013. More then 5 years of tutor experience and more then 10 years of education experience.

San Diego, CA Italian (n)

Alexandra L.

USC graduate with a French degree and international experience studying and working in Paris, France. Fluent in French after 6 years of French courses at the high-school and university level, and a year and a half of living in France. Certified in Business French by the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

San Diego, CA French

Shammi S.

An active duty member in the Navy. Taking DLPT for the past 6 years and getting paid Max for Hindi for the past 6 years. Can read, write and speak fluently.

San Diego, CA Hindi (n)

Emilia L.

Spanish native speaker with two years of tutoring experience. I am currently working in a private school with conversational classes, but I also offer private lessons of conversation and grammar.

San Diego, CA Spanish (n)

Livier I.

Spanish Speaking native with a BA in Spanish and more than 10 years experience as a tutor

San Diego, CA Spanish (n), English

Toma G.

Arabic native speaker with university degree and 4 years of tutoring experience.

San Diego, CA Arabic (n)

Hafid R.

Arabic and French native speaker with master degree with two years experiences of tutoring

San Diego, CA Arabic (n), French

Yussef M.

Native English speaker with 3+ years of studying Chinese an living in Taiwan (Mandarin immersion). I am also a TEFL Certified English teacher, with 3+ years teaching experience working with age ranges including pre-K, grade school, university, business professionals, and retirees.

San Diego, CA Mandarin Chinese, English (n)

Christian V.

Spanish native speaker with a degree in teaching English as a Foreign Language. I'm currently licensed to teach ESL as well.

San Diego, CA Spanish (n)

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