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Hafid R.

Arabic and French native speaker with master degree with two years experiences of tutoring

San Diego, CA Arabic (n), French

Yussef M.

Native English speaker with 3+ years of studying Chinese an living in Taiwan (Mandarin immersion). I am also a TEFL Certified English teacher, with 3+ years teaching experience working with age ranges including pre-K, grade school, university, business professionals, and retirees.

San Diego, CA Mandarin Chinese, English (n)

Christian V.

Spanish native speaker with a degree in teaching English as a Foreign Language. I'm currently licensed to teach ESL as well.

San Diego, CA Spanish (n)

Garibaldi T.

Native Spanish speaker with Master's degree in English Language Teaching. I have more than 8 years of experience teaching English at the university level as well as Spanish tutoring experience.

San Diego, CA Spanish (n), English

Yangkyoung L.

Bilingual in Korean and English Had more than four years of teaching English to middle school students and adults

San Diego, CA English

Vanuyre M.

Portuguese native speaker with a degree in Social Communications currently pursuing an A.S. in Event Management. 4 years of experience teaching ESL in Brazil.

San Diego, CA Portuguese (n)

Stephanie S.

English native speaker with experience living in Japan.

San Diego, CA English (n), Japanese

Marion F.

English native speaker who has had multiple experiences teaching ESL to high school, college, and adult speakers of other languages. Although I am not a native speaker of French, I am near native and am often taken for a native speaker. I have taught/tutored French to the same groups as above.

San Diego, CA English (n), French

Maritza M.

Spanish native speaker with a MasterĀ“s Degree in Teaching Spanish in Multilingual and International Contexts; fully bilingual with intermediate knowledge of German, basic knowledge of Russian, Swedish and Catalan; more than ten years of language teaching experience.

San Diego, CA Spanish (n), English

Jose M.

Spanish native speaker with a sociology degree from San Diego State University, and 3 years of tutoring experience.

San Diego, CA & Online Spanish (n)

Brett B.

A native English speaker with two years of ESL teaching/tutoring, including teaching overseas (Thailand and Ecuador). I am TEFL certified. I am fluent in Spanish and it was my major for undergrad at the University of Virginia. I have also tutored in Spanish simultaneously with English for two-years.

San Diego, CA Spanish, English (n)

Claudia H.

I am a Spanish native speaker. Being an educator has been a dream for me since I was a child. I have always believed that teaching that impacts is not head to head, but heart to heart. Passion, commitment, and patience will always be key ingredients for a successful outcome.

San Diego, CA Spanish (n)

Mike V.

I am an American Graphic Designer/Illustrator and San Diego native. As a recent grad. I enjoy creating many forms of art and believe in work and motivation I also love teaching kids!

San Diego, CA English (n)

Hafid E.

Before coming here to the United States to learn English I lived most of my life in France where I got my high school diploma many years ago.

San Diego, CA French

Hedieh A.

Native Persian. with 3 years experience.

San Diego, CA Persian (n)

Eri L.

Japanese native speaker with B.A. degree from University in Japan

San Diego, CA Japanese (n)

Liliana V.

Spanish native speaker with a TESOL certificate and two years of tutoring experience.

San Diego, CA Spanish (n), English

Laura D.

Spanish native speaker with a degree from Pepperdine University and two years of tutoring experience

San Diego, CA Spanish, French

Marcia M.

Native Portuguese speaker. Also fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and English. Former University language teacher. I have tutored individuals in all these languages for more than 10 years.

San Diego, CA Portuguese (n), French

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