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Yussef M.

Native English speaker with 3+ years of studying Chinese an living in Taiwan (Mandarin immersion). I am also a TEFL Certified English teacher, with 3+ years teaching experience working with age ranges including pre-K, grade school, university, business professionals, and retirees.

San Diego, CA | Mandarin Chinese, English (n) | Rate $30

Christian V.

Spanish native speaker with a degree in teaching English as a Foreign Language. I'm currently licensed to teach ESL as well.

San Diego, CA | Spanish (n) | Rate $40

Garibaldi T.

Native Spanish speaker with Master's degree in English Language Teaching. I have more than 8 years of experience teaching English at the university level as well as Spanish tutoring experience.

San Diego, CA | Spanish (n), English | Rate $45

Yangkyoung L.

Bilingual in Korean and English Had more than four years of teaching English to middle school students and adults

San Diego, CA | English | Rate $45

Vanuyre M.

Portuguese native speaker with a degree in Social Communications currently pursuing an A.S. in Event Management. 4 years of experience teaching ESL in Brazil.

San Diego, CA | Portuguese (n) | Rate $30

Stephanie S.

English native speaker with experience living in Japan.

San Diego, CA | English (n), Japanese | Rate $30

Marion F.

English native speaker who has had multiple experiences teaching ESL to high school, college, and adult speakers of other languages. Although I am not a native speaker of French, I am near native and am often taken for a native speaker. I have taught/tutored French to the same groups as above.

San Diego, CA | English (n), French | Rate $40

Maritza M.

Spanish native speaker with a MasterĀ“s Degree in Teaching Spanish in Multilingual and International Contexts; fully bilingual with intermediate knowledge of German, basic knowledge of Russian, Swedish and Catalan; more than ten years of language teaching experience.

San Diego, CA | Spanish (n), English | Rate $40

Jose M.

Spanish native speaker with a sociology degree from San Diego State University, and 3 years of tutoring experience.

San Diego, CA & Online | Spanish (n) | Rate $40

Brett B.

A native English speaker with two years of ESL teaching/tutoring, including teaching overseas (Thailand and Ecuador). I am TEFL certified. I am fluent in Spanish and it was my major for undergrad at the University of Virginia. I have also tutored in Spanish simultaneously with English for two-years.

San Diego, CA | Spanish, English (n) | Rate $35

Claudia H.

I am a Spanish native speaker. Being an educator has been a dream for me since I was a child. I have always believed that teaching that impacts is not head to head, but heart to heart. Passion, commitment, and patience will always be key ingredients for a successful outcome.

San Diego, CA | Spanish (n) | Rate $35

Mike V.

I am an American Graphic Designer/Illustrator and San Diego native. As a recent grad. I enjoy creating many forms of art and believe in work and motivation I also love teaching kids!

San Diego, CA | English (n) | Rate $30

Hafid E.

Before coming here to the United States to learn English I lived most of my life in France where I got my high school diploma many years ago.

San Diego, CA | French | Rate $30

Hedieh A.

Native Persian. with 3 years experience.

San Diego, CA | Persian (n) | Rate $35

Eri L.

Japanese native speaker with B.A. degree from University in Japan

San Diego, CA | Japanese (n) | Rate $35

Liliana V.

Spanish native speaker with a TESOL certificate and two years of tutoring experience.

San Diego, CA | Spanish (n), English | Rate $40

Laura D.

Spanish native speaker with a degree from Pepperdine University and two years of tutoring experience

San Diego, CA | Spanish, French | Rate $30

Marcia M.

Native Portuguese speaker. Also fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and English. Former University language teacher. I have tutored individuals in all these languages for more than 10 years.

San Diego, CA | Portuguese (n), French | Rate $40

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